kredit to : afiq akashah :)

Saturday, April 9


its not shocking to know that people hate us
but its shocking to know that people actually like us
drop dead!

Friday, April 1

great team :D

portfolio 5pages.
.............. video 8minutes

although it boils me up to do these things
but man i gotta admit these :

photoshop.i started with zero knowledge bout it.
and video.hell yeah!now i got the pleasure of making videos and editing it.
it is so much fun seriously.
i mean if we are given enough time to edit it ==

video is done in two days dude.TWO DAYS!
first day recording.second day editing
perghh really love the whole process
staying back together until late at night.
taking insane photos and videos haha!
so yeah nothing much to say
just interprete yourself using the pictures
*later in facebook*
always start out with our own picture :P

rappers HAHA

thank you cikgu samad :D


segaknyewww :P

thanks hazel.u helped a lot!


betapa gilanya wat video haha

dance crew hahaha

passport picture aww yeah

hazel thanks for the room plus the cake plus the water haha

tagged : Intan Farael.captured by : Nadia Nazurah

suhweet xD


thanks so much dear : Ifah Jasmi

besides thanks to you darling
sbab teman sampai tengah malam
love u more n more :D

Saturday, March 26

one word to describe my feeling now :


three words to describe me now :


Friday, March 18

im captivated by you baby like a fireworks show

- sparks fly, taylor swift :)

Saturday, February 26

imissyou T_T


i miss you
i miss you
i miss you!

although youre not as good as the others

you doesnt shine like the others

you dont have great voices like the others


i still like you!

i still miss you!



i miss you like hell

do you know what is HELL!

i felt completely uncomplete without you

when will you come back?

im begging you PLEASE!

please please please


Mr Camera

please come back
im going to die without you!!!